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A Brilliant Investment in the Future

Solar Energy Makes Sense – for Your Budget as well as the Planet
Global warming. Pollution. Skyrocketing energy costs. Dependence on foreign oil…We are already paying the price for our reliance on fossil fuels. These problems will only escalate unless we take immediate action. Suntrek makes it easy for you to not only become part of the solution, but also cash in on all the financial rewards:

Save Thousands with Solar Rebates and Tax Incentives
Local and federal governments offer a variety of incentives for residential and commercial systems. These incentives won’t always be this generous, so now is the time to take advantage of them.

Spin Your Utility Meter Backwards!
As you generate solar power, your electric meter spins backwards – any energy you don’t use is automatically sold back to your utility

Immediate Positive Cash Flow
Your monthly energy savings will exceed your finance payments, putting cash back in your pocket.

Protection from Rising Utility Rates
Conventional electricity rates are rising dramatically. By going solar, you will rest easy as your system provides decades of free electricity – courtesy of the sun!

Add Value to Your Property
Your home value will increase $20 for every $1 in annual energy savings. So saving $750/year in electricity could increase you home value by $15,000! What’s more, this value increase is tax exempt. As energy prices continue to spin out of control, the value of your system and your energy savings will increase dramatically.

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The Savings Add Up Fast!

Your Solar-Powered Home
Now more than ever, solar energy makes good financial sense. The table below shows the positive cash flow of a solar powered home. This home in this example has a 4kW solar electric system and a solar water heating system financed with a 30-year fixed rate jumbo mortgage:

Estimated monthly system cost (mortgaged)


Estimated average monthly savings over 5 years (based on projected 6% annual energy price increase)


Net Monthly positive cash flow


Annual positive cash flow


5-year positive cash flow


Federal Tax Credit for solar electric and solar hot water


Energy Commission Rebate


5-Year total positive cash flow



The Solar Business

Whether you own a small business or a large manufacturing company, your solar system will start paying for itself immediately with:

  • Rebates and tax incentives subsidize over 70% of your system
  • Thousands in electric bill savings

Once you have recouped your investment, your durable solar power system will generate thousands in positive cash flow for decades.



Many factors need to be considered when determining how much you can save by investing in solar electricity. For a free, no-obligation estimate, contact us today.


Suntrek's Solar Electric Brochure (PDF)

How Much Money Can I Save?
Ask about our free, needs assessment.

"Anyone who has an appetite for reducing their tax liability should invest in a solar energy system for their business. The 30% investment tax credit combined with the 5 year accelerated depreciation schedule will pay for 50% of the investment. The PUC rebate and electricity savings provide for the remaining ROI, typically in less than 5 years. With soaring electric rates, the system generates income and savings well past the 25 year warranty."

– Bryan Semmens, CPA

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