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It’s Easy with Suntrek!

You can do it… No experience necessary!

Suntrek is a strong supporter of  the weekend warrior, with absolutely no solar installation experience, armed with an average amount of mechanical aptitude and Suntrek's easy to follow Installation guide.

Since 1991, Suntrek has been the leader in solar Do-It-Yourself kits. Hundreds of Suntrek customers have installed their own solar pool heating systems, and you can, too! See our Do-It-Yourself Gallery.

Each kit comes complete with everything you need to install your pool heating system(except tools, pipe and fittings). In addition, our user-friendly manuals provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through a quick and successful installation. If any questions arise, expert assistance is just a phone call or mouse-click away! 

Working with Suntrek is as easy as letting the sun heat your pool. Just three preliminary steps get you on the diving board to months of comfortable swimming:

1. Site evaluation to determine that Suntrek’s a fit for your pool.
2. Simple measurements and calculations to determine your pool’s specific needs.
3. Send us your Solar Site Evaluation.

For Assistance Call 1-800-292-7648 or contact us!


"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the system is up and running and everybody loves it! I want to thank you for having a system thats easy to install and putting all the information on how to, on your website. My 14 year old grandson and I did the installation in about 10 hours. I would recommend the Suntrek system to anyone!"

Harold Hansen
Kris Nickerson









Thought I'd send you a few photos of the completed system. No outside contractors were used in any part of the installation. The system was installed using family members only, mainly myself. Today is April 17th, 2006 and the pool water is already up to 88 degrees, never has the pool water been this warm this early in the year. My wife asked me why we didn't do this years ago.
Thanks for all your help and offering such a fine product.


Steve Floyd
Panama City, FL









"Installation was fast and easy. The system worked beautifully..." (read more)


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Suntrek Pool Solar Brochure (PDF)


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