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Solar – A Bright Investment for your Home

Why Give Your Hard-Earned Money to the Utility Company?
There are many reasons you decided to purchase a home rather than renting. If you are going to spend money, you might as well get something in return such as equity, tax breaks, and greater financial security. The same applies to your energy!

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Own Your Power!
By investing in Suntrek solar electricity, water heating, and pool heating systems, you can generate your own free solar energy and cash in on a variety of benefits, including:

  • Immediate Positive Cash Flow
  • Long-Term Protection from Rising Utility Rates
  • Higher Property Value
  • The Pride of Being Environmentally Responsible

Suntrek Makes it Easy
Suntrek offers a wide variety of residential solar systems that we can tailor to your needs. Our experienced professionals are there every step of the way to ensure an installation that not only functions optimally, but also looks attractive and blends harmoniously with your surroundings. We make the entire process simple and worry-free with the following services:

  • Design – We visit your home to determine the optimum design and placement of your system
  • Installation – Our licensed installers will install all system components in compliance with local authorities and to the specifications required for state and federal incentives
  • Inspection – After installation, we inspect each system to verify that it is fully functional and ensure that it passes final inspection by local authorities.
  • Paperwork – We will fill out and submit applications for building and electrical permits along with tax credit and rebate forms.
  • Post-installation support – Our friendly experts are happy to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


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Suntrek Solar Design Consultants
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